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Posted By: Phil Edwards
15-Nov-08 - 11:19 AM
Thread Name: seeking online translator - Welsh / English
Subject: RE: Tech: On line translation - Welsh / English
I learned Welsh at school between the ages of 8 and 12, 30+ years ago, and in all that time they never taught us GRAMMAR! Honestly, this modern educational system... So although I've retained a fair bit of vocabulary, I find written Welsh a real slog. Any verb form that doesn't use the infinitive ("Ydyt ti'n mynd i'r ysgol?" "Ydw, rydw i'n mynd i'r ysgol") has me foxed - and, while I know how the initial consonants on nouns mutate, I've only got the haziest idea why. ("Hywel Dda" - what's that about? He's not even feminine!)

There is a point to this, which is that this is a really useful resource for people like me; it's a dictionary of Welsh word endings. Use that to supplement a decent online dictionary (or even an actual ink-and-paper dictionary) and you should be sorted.