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Posted By: Bill D
29-Jun-00 - 11:43 PM
Thread Name: Possible Autoharp defect list wanted
Subject: RE: Possible Autoharp defect list wanted
hi, Homeless...sorry to be slow posting...was busy, then Mudcat was not responding......if it were me, I'd try to tune the whole thing, then wander around...or play at it for awhile...then check the tuning again..(if it has not been tuned recently, it takes awhile to settle in. Look for obvious BIG changes..little one are not serious)

If there are no obvious cracks, or loose pegs, or warping of the back, it will probably be ok...

Now I promised you and someone else that I'd post pictures of various pics and other accouterments for the 'harp. I took them, but have not taken them off the camera yet, so it will be tomorrow.

Hope the instrument seems ok....