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Posted By: Amos
18-Nov-08 - 12:27 AM
Thread Name: BS: The Mother of all BS threads
Subject: RE: BS: The Mother of all BS threads
HA. That was no lady--that was the earlier incarnation of Chinga. I remember the lifetime well--you were a suacy, sophomoric young prat who had been spoiled rotten by an overindulgent stepmother. Chinga was trying to lure you into the white slave trade, as a victim, for which she stood to gain a pretty penny from the shipowner who stood ready to whisk you away to a lifetime of degradation as a serf in some remote Pasha's court. I called her game and she played the offended decency of womanhood card, protesting overmuch though guilty as sin, which, in your inexperienced naivete, you fell for completely. So you challenged me, and as you say, we set to with foils, since you would not listen to reason and I had to get you out of there to avoid the waiting bosn's crew who were standing by to knock you senseless and smuggle you off to Timbuctu.

The reason you didn't finish me off is the last-second stroke with my good right arm, 1 which knocked you rapier tip over foil into the moat, following which, in complete disgust at your mawkish ways, I bopped you over the bean and threw you over my pommel and rode off to town, and sold you to the ship's master myself, and made a pretty penny on it, I don't mind telling you.

Sorry 'bout that.