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30-Jun-00 - 10:40 AM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: Brian Boru
Subject: Lyr Add: BRIAN THE KING (Brian Leo)
Hello! Great to see my lyrics getting shared. But the version given has a few mistakes in it. Let me try again:

Crouched high in round towers against the return
of foreign marauders who pillage and burn,
the monks of St. Kevin pray, each in his turn,
"When will God send us a champion king?"
Around them, their treasures of knowledge and gold,
the manuscripts thick with the riches they hold,
the monks raise a prayer that is desperate, and old,
"When will God send us a champion king?"
Rally now, Meath and Connemara,
follow the one High King of Tara!
Fearlessly fight and boldly sing,
'Onward for Erin and Brian the King!'
Warriors of Ulster, Munster, Leinster,
cleanse her from those who'd war against her!
Brian Boru shall victory bring.
Onward for Erin and Brian the King.

In dagger-thin boats that slice down the Bann,
the Shannon, the Liffey, each stream in the land,
'the Norse kill and plunder, afraid of no man
who would lead Erin as champion-king.
For Erin is splintered by mountain and sea,
each fragment a kingdom, but no king is free,
till Brian of Munster becomes the Ard Ri
and Erin unites for her champion-king.


Long Brian has slept. The years run their course.
The sword of the British replaces the Norse.
Again are we slaves of a cruel, foreign force.
When will God send us a champion-king
our shackles to sunder, our land to defend,
to dare to make Ireland all Irish again?
What less can we do and still call ourselves men,
children of freedom and Brian the King?
Rally now, Meath and Connemara!
Light the bonfire on holy Tara!
Send forth the call to boldly sing,
'Onward for Erin, like Brian the King!'
Warriors of Ulster, Munster, Leinster,
cleanse her from those still armed against her.
Like bold Boru, great victories bring.
Onward for Erin, and Brian the King!

Yes, I do hold the copyright on these lyrics but sing 'em anyway. I only ask that you tell the audience who wrote them, and that you not record them without my okay, which is not intended as a major money issue. Thanks.

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