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Posted By: olddude
19-Nov-08 - 05:39 PM
Thread Name: BS: Gun ban - yep already
Subject: RE: BS: Gun ban - yep already
Big Mick
My .06 is an old military gun perfect for deer hunting. Yes it is a military rifle "assult weapon of the past" but you and I cannot make a machine gun out of it in 5 minutes. That is the difference. Do I care if a law abiding citizen has a machine gun. No I would not. Do I care if one of the gang members do for their drive by .. yah .. all I am saying is if they enforce the laws we already have then I have no issue with them. I have no issue with good people owning any gun they want. The problem is all the bad guys that have such an easy time getting that kind of firepower. You cannot lay out 1000 rounds per minute with your bolt action .06 or your 30 caliber M1. But they sure can with an AK