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Posted By: GUEST,Steve in Idaho
19-Nov-08 - 06:14 PM
Thread Name: BS: Gun ban - yep already
Subject: RE: BS: Gun ban - yep already
LOL - I did not mean to stir a hornet's nest up!! The other thread made mention of no ban coming due to more pressing constraints and I thought this was part of the new genre coming in!

Thanks for that Kat, time line I mean, as I don't know what Pres Obama will do for certain. And I'll respond to what I believe to be infringements on my rights the same way I have with Pres Bush (he was no one's friend except his wallets and Cheneys). Letters, e-mails, and phone calls to my Senators and Representatives. I'm neither angry nor waving my guns around. But I believe I am firm in my convictions about what the founding father's meant about my ability to own firearms. Legal firearms.

Mick - Assault weapon. A magazine fed, semi and full automatic, rifle capable of sustained fire when engaged with a lawfully defined enemy of the state in which one has taken on the responsibility of defending. Generally speaking, in an assault I want to gain superior firepower over my enemy to protect my life while endangering theirs.

I own several firearms that fit the category outlined in this bill. And I have yet to be angry. I have never threatened anyone. I have never even pointed it at anyone. It's bad manners and the risks are enormous! But I enjoy going out to the desert and shooting them. They are fun guns! To me anyway.

And as one who also works on firearms. No one is going to convert any weapon sold today in a few minutes to fully automatic. It takes longer than that to figure out how they even work! And without some fairly sophisticated tooling - well it takes work and those that do it are criminals.

Just a thing folks - as a Christian I am not a doormat. I fully intend to defend my life and the lives of those I love in whatever manner I see fit. And I have received the obligatory training in how and when that is justifiable.

I also struggle a bit with the "two guys did this or that" as that is a Red Herring. If that analogy was carried to its fullest we'd ban doctors and cars before we even thought about guns. :-)

Lord Bless ya -