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Posted By: GUEST,Steve in Idaho
19-Nov-08 - 11:48 PM
Thread Name: BS: Gun ban - yep already
Subject: RE: BS: Gun ban - yep already
I don't think the weapons we used had much of anything to do with whether or not we "won" or "Lost" that particular war. I don't think there are too many winners in any armed conflict. Except the folks who profit from it.

BillD - God Bless ya my friend. I can tell you that if I thought for even a fraction of a second that me giving up my legally owned weapons would prevent gun violence I'd give them up. But it won't. It's an admirable ideology but so impractical in today's society. And not the cause of the problems we need solved, like health care, healthy babies, hope where hopelessness causes many of the problems for our children, and any number of other things we NEED.

One thing I would ask tho - of the millions of "assault type weapons" (note the type) out there, how many have been used in some sort of mass killing? A couple? And how many have died from just drunk drivers? During the Vietnam wasr we lost over 50,000 lives a year to drunk drivers here at home. About what we lost during the whole war to planned and rigorous gun violence.

I think the key is to continue to talk about it. From Democracy comes both sides of the ailse. And in that ailse is the principle that will emerge. For me I'd a lot rather see all the energy against guns, which are not the problem, to misuse of alcohol and drugs in a vehicle by people, which are the problem in both scenarios, and have a much higher probability of making an impact.

Yeah I have been gone for a bit. Still lurked occasionally. But I was glad to see the addition of seasoned moderators. Makes the place much more civil and enjoyable.

Be well and God Bless ya