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Posted By: Mysha
20-Nov-08 - 12:39 PM
Thread Name: New "Yes We Can" chorus for 'Let It Be'
Subject: RE: Lyr Add: New 'peace' verse for 'Let It Be'
I really wish people would be honest about stuff like that. If they want us to see Obama advertising, let them say, "Come look at this Great Obama advertising", not "Come see my new verse that I dedicated to Obama". )-:

Unfortunately, I'm cursed with a fairly good grasp of lyrics, and I can't help recognising that not only is the introduction somewhat iffy, but this alternative verse is not about consolation when things can't be changed, rather it's a self-gratifying announcement that the singer will take action where things can be changed. Nothing wrong with taking such action; but the virtue is in doing so, not in saying so.

I wonder if such a change to the song will generally be considered an improvement.