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Posted By: Bill D
20-Nov-08 - 08:42 PM
Thread Name: BS: Gun ban - yep already
Subject: RE: BS: Gun ban - yep already
yes...we know how it works...we are wondering whether any of those are worth bothering with.

I see that many of the 'voices' quoted by Rap in the early days were still very much concerned with the possibility of needing to protect the citizens FROM their own government. In those days, that was a natural worry....after all, they had just finished rebelling against an unjust rule. As we come down to some later opinions, the tone changes a little.

I don't see the argument offered much these days that we, the people need the option of resisting our elected govt. by force of arms.....except by self-proclaimed right-wing 'militias' who reject almost any control from above. Mostly, I see claims of 'self defense' and security in the home to be the major 'reasons', with the 2nd amendment used as an absolute guarantee, no matter what objections are raised.

   What we have seen in the last 30-40 years is a different class of lawbreaker getting access to a different class of weapon. Urban gangs used to just fight...or maybe use knives. Now, in some places,14 year old kids are expected to acquire and use guns, and simple arguements are settled with drive-bys. I do see why many folks would at least THINK of protecting themselves with arms equal to those carried by criminals....I just don't see many instances of that working out.
For every news story of "73 year old liquor store clerk chases out robber with a 38", there are 10 stories of clerks being shot BY robbers for attempting to reach beneath the counter.

I hate to just sound like I am trying to **ban guns**....what I want is real, detailed proposals by those who DO understand firearms about how to keep the benefits and avoid most of the dangers. ....and I do NOT mean just repeating the mantra of "enforce the laws we have". Ask ANY police dept. how easy that is.