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Posted By: PoppaGator
21-Nov-08 - 12:55 PM
Thread Name: Dad ordered to pull down treehouse
Subject: RE: Dad ordered to pull down treehouse
I'm puzzled about whether the treehouse was built on private or public property, i.e., in a yard/garden owned by the family or within the boundaries of a National Park. The article says that the family in question lives "in" a National Park; I'm not sure how this works and what it maens, and I think that in the US, the distinction between private and public land might be more clearly defined.

I know that in the US, plots of land immediately adjacent to parkland are valuable bits of real esstate, since you can build a great house with a wonderful view that will very probably never be sullied by anyone else's building ~ but you can't buy land IN the park (or at least I don't think so).

(The palatial home seen in the final 10-15 minutes of the classic Alfred Hitchcok film "North by Northwest" is a good example of this kind of upscale development, situated right up against the boundary of federal land at Mount Rushmore.)

I have a lot more sympathy for a homeowner whose plans for building on his property are being stymied by some kind of community covenant or zoning regulation than for someone trying to build on public land to be preserved in a "wild" or "wilderness" state. The case in Pembroikeshire seems to be ambiguous on this score.