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Posted By: Monique
22-Nov-08 - 03:14 AM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: A La Nanita - verses in Spanish
Subject: RE: Lyr Req: A La Nanita - verses in Spanish
Mi Jesús tiene sueño (without "s") means My Jesus is sleepy. My Jesus is dreaming would be Mi Jesús está soñando. You wouldn't have Mi Jesús tiene sueños meaning My Jesus is dreaming –literally has dreams- unless there'd be a precision about those dreams such as in the first post "Mi Jesús tiene sueños, benditos (blessed) sueños".

Q did translate the lyrics.
Q ~ Would you agree with me about tiene sueño? (mine is Spain Spanish and there are differences in the Spanish speaking world). Btw an alelí or alhelí is indeed a wallflower (see there for the photos and switch to English for the written stuff)

Missing translations
Pimpollo de canela, lirio en capullo,
duérmete sin recelo, mientras te arrullo,
duérmete que del alma mi canto brota,
y un delirio de amores es cada nota.

Cinnamon shoot, lily in bud
Sleep without fear while I lull you
Sleep, my chant/song springs up from my soul
And every note is a frenzy of love.

Yo no sé lo que es eso, Niño del alma,
mas pues esa sonrisa mis penas calma,
sigue, sigue soñando, mi dulce dueño,
sin que nada ahuyente tan dulce sueño.

I don't know what this is, Child of my soul,
But since this smile soothes my sorrows
Go on, go on dreaming, my sweet lord
Without anything scaring so sweet dream away