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Posted By: Bill D
30-Jun-00 - 06:18 PM
Thread Name: Possible Autoharp defect list wanted
Subject: RE: Possible Autoharp defect list wanted
ok...for Homeless & are 3 of my 'harp with two models of tuning wrench, several picks and a Korg with a pick-up attached, one closer of the picks, and one of ME playing...

click here

the wooden tuning wrench of brown wood is FAR better than the bent plastic thing they often include with the harp...fits better and more control..the wire pick is the Mizrab(the red plastic is not always there)which allows me to flick my finger(I wear it on the middle finger) back & forth rapidly and not catch the strings. There are, of course, other ways of picking using banjo type picks..

The brass pick is one I made years ago by taking flat brass sheet and cutting & bending till I has waht I one is not my usual one!..Couldn't find it for the photo..*grump*,,imagine the brass tip extended and bent over the finger tip like the Mizrab, making a 'V' at the tip. Works the same, but has a different sound and MUCH more weight.

The Korg tuner has a semi-commercial plug-in attached which clamps to a peg or strap button and allows much more sensitive pick-up when you are trying to tune in a room where the guitar players are noodling..*grin*...(the tuner has nervous breakdowns trying to sort out notes otherwise...unless you go off to a quiet spot) CAN buy the parts for the plug-in at Radio Shack, but if you have a music store near who can order them, it is easier to just buy one..)

hope this helps....any news on the instrument you were looking at, Homeless?