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24-Nov-08 - 06:48 PM
Thread Name: New "Yes We Can" chorus for 'Let It Be'
Subject: Obama - Let It Be
Obama - Let It Be

Paul McCartney's Mother Mary died when he was 14. Ten years later he was upset about something. She came to him in a dream and told him: "Paul, you can't fix it …let it be".   He wrote the song Let It Be about that dream. (No, Mother Mary is not a biblical reference). A few years later, the Beatles recorded the album Let It Be. They promptly broke up, so this was one of their last hits together.

I have always loved the message in this song: "let it be". I also like the Serenity Prayer: "Oh Lord, give me the patience to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference." McCartney's song has patience and wisdom in it. There are times in life when you also need some courage to try and change things. So I added a chorus many years ago: "Make me brave, make me strong, let me help this world along, I will be an answer, let it be." Last spring, I heard Obama speak. I was inspired by his message of change. "He's singing my favorite song!" So I made this youtube video (2 minutes). I like the metaphor of sunrise turning darkness into a new day.

Genie posted a thread about this, and it got some potshots about my motives. I have decided to post a new thread.

I think mankind has gone off the cliff and is plummeting into the abyss. Dark issues are raining down all around us: overpopulation, global warming, peak oil, 401K's becoming 201K's, jobs going to Asia, mortgages failing, banks failing … and on and on. It is time to stop snarling at each other and help find ways to stop the plummeting.

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