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Posted By: Áine
01-Jul-00 - 01:14 PM
Thread Name: Song Challenge! Part 31
Subject: SONG CHALLENGE! Part 31
After you read this Challenge!, you'll understand why I suggested that all of you Challenge!rs "save some" from Part 30. This Challenge! idea comes from our one and only MMario -- which kinda makes me wonder if he's ever actually been in -

Port-a-Potty Peril -- Huntingdon Valley, Pennsylvania, June 15 - Police rescued a man who found himself stuck in the depths of a portable toilet at a recreational field Wednesday afternoon, after he lowered himself inside and couldn't get out. The man, not identified by police, told officers he was trying to retrieve his keys. He was trapped there for at least 45 awful minutes, he told police.

Children playing basketball heard the man calling for help and told their mother. She called township police. Officers arrived about 2:45 p.m. and found the unfortunate man, still shouting and in the toilet's lower chamber up to his hips. He was naked from the waist down, having taken off his shoes and pants for his unpleasant task.

It took emergency response workers until 3:28 p.m. to extract him, police said, adding that they had to destroy a significant part of the facility in the process. Police could not estimate the cost of the damage.

One he was free, the man was taken to hospital for treatment of cuts and bruises - and to have the wedged-tight toilet seat removed from around his torso.

I usually say "Go For It! Challenge!rs!" here, but somehow I feel that I might be endangering the more adventerous of you if I did . . .