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Posted By: Áine
01-Jul-00 - 04:25 PM
Thread Name: Song Challenge! Part 31
Subject: RE: SONG CHALLENGE! Part 31
You know, I'm really beginning to wonder why I'm waxing so romantic when it comes to poo parodies . . .

Pry Me From The Loo
(Tune: Fly Me To The Moon)

Pry me from the loo
Don't let me dangle any more
My hair is green, my eyes are brown
I'll drown if I slip lower
In other words, grab my feet
In other words, twist and yank me!

Save me from this poo
It doesn't smell so great down here
Though I cannot see their faces
I can hear the firemen leer
In other words, I'm a git
In other words, stop laughing at me!

Pul me from this pissoir
I finally found my keys
But I've lost my bloody wedding ring
Don't let my wife know, please
In other words, she'd be pissed
In other words, she'd divorce me!

Oust me from this oubliette
And remove me from this park
Those brats were pitching rocks at me
And thought it quite a lark
In other words, I was assaulted
In other words, don't arrest me!

Rip me from this ring of wood
That's stuck around my middle
I could have saved myself this grief
If I hadn't had to piddle
In other words, don't call the papers
In other words, please just shoot me!