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26-Nov-08 - 12:40 PM
Thread Name: The Weekly Walkabout cum Talkabout
Subject: RE: The Weekly Walkabout cum Talkabout
"another thread which is now heading for 1500 posts, so why soil the nest a second time?" (Gervase)...I couldn't get on for a couple of days and, when I did, it was closed; and there has been more than one Weekly Walkabout thread - which have moved above and below the line so, unsure, I didn't put the "BS" in.

Further to "To fauna, home flora" (above Weekly Walkabout/poem)...

"Green gardening is native gardening, and vegetables, plus other consumables, should be the only exotic-flora we plant - as doing so can help limit food-miles, etc. By filling our other garden spaces with natives, we use less water and other resources, whilst aiding the native-fauna that, over the centuries, have evolved with them. (Even high-nectar exotics, such as Buddleia, that are very attractive to SOME native-fauna, should be avoided, because they upset nature's/God's balance – God created evolution, too, that is.)

"Our green gardens, with their vegies and natives, can be made still greener by the addition of compost heaps/bins; a wildlife pond – for native frogs, newts, etc, rather than exotic goldfish; bee- and bird-boxes, plus carefully selected feeders; rain- and grey-water vats; by growing everything organically, including thrifty home-propagation/species-swapping; and by leaving some lush untidy patches, decaying branches, etc" (from my GREEN GODLY GARDENING myspace blog).