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Posted By: JohnInKansas
26-Nov-08 - 04:20 PM
Thread Name: Tech: Mandolin-Oval vs. F-hole?
Subject: RE: Tech: Mandolin-Oval vs. F-hole?
The commonly used mando straps have a "string" end that can be threaded under the strings (above the nut) on the head, and tied on there.

I've seen a couple of people using more "exotic" attachments, but that's the most common among my acquaintances.

A variation occasionally seen is to add a button, usually on the "bottom side" (as the mando is held) of the neck heel near the body. This makes the strap "wrap" a few degrees around the base of the neck so it's less likely to pop off the button.

The smaller size of the mando and the tendency to "move it around" while playing makes the button on the bottom of the soundbox sometimes "less than secure," and if the end of your strap gets a little "soft" it's fairly common to get "unexpected releases" there.

(But the light weight makes a mando easier to catch in mid-fall?)