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Posted By: Rockhen
26-Nov-08 - 07:54 PM
Thread Name: Harder for the ladies to get gigs???
Subject: RE: Harder for the ladies to get gigs???
Re Villan's comment "I would imagine that it must be quite daunting for a female to go and perform on her own at a club that may be all men." I find it daunting to even visit a club that may be all men, IF I don't know how safe it is re car parking etc. Maybe solo blokes feel the same, I am not sure, but I suspect it would be less of a consideration when deciding whether to go somewhere. Faldingworth Live is one club that I know for a fact makes you feel safe, and welcome, so credit to Villan and those others involved in running things there.
At the wide variety of music events that I attend, sometimes alone and sometimes with others, I find that there are generally far fewer women there, either playing, or listening. I have often been the only woman in the room. Come on ladies, redress the balance a little, get out there...I am sad to say that many of my female friends, who play music, do not seem to go out very often,to music, or other events, even those who have grown up families. Their partners, however, do. I am not criticising, just saying that is my personal observation of many of my friends!