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01-Jul-00 - 07:04 PM
Thread Name: Song Challenge: Human Genome
Subject: RE: Song Challenge: Human Genome
This ended up a bit more serious than I intended, and it's missing the half verses from the original - is it worth taking any further ??

The Chromosomes Genomical

We have the very model of the chromosomes genomical
The implications of this feat are really astronomical
We've sequenced every human gene, at least ninety percent of them
Intelligent and cunning too, and using every stratagem
We've introns, exons, codons, genes and bases found in DNA
We've duplicated, replicated, translated it for many a day
It's published on the net, and in the scientific literature
We know we've made our mark, and that our science now is fit for sure

Chromosomes one to twenty-two, and X and Y, there are no more
Are just arrangements of the bases, and of these there's only four
These bases, paired on DNA, contain all that you need to know
For proteins, livers, hearts and brains and anything you want to grow
With letters four the code is made, the letters A,C,G and T
A pairs with T, and G with C, so replication works you see
ATTAC ATTAC A GAG A CAT may not mean much to human eyes
But in your genes the code is clear, more powerful than you realise

The DNA makes RNA, that's carried to the ribosome
And there the processes take place to make use of the chromosome
Three bases at a time are read, an amino acid specified
Then piece by piece the protein's built, the logic cannot be denied
From smallest cell to largest bone, the human body bit by bit
Is built from proteins, or at least a protein is involved in it
And so you see, both you and me, although the notion's comical
Are made and shaped and live and die by instructions genomical

So if your eyes are brown or blue, and if your hair be thick or thin
And if your blood is A or O, and what's the colour of your skin
Your chromosomes have made it so, there's nothing left for you to do
But pass them on, your genes will live in generations after you
A single letter wrong passed on, in future that could spell bad news
That's how genetic defects come, the future genome to confuse
And so we think genes cause disease, but that is not the whole of it
More oft than not things work out right, and that's what keeps the species fit.

You'd think that now the genome's read, there's nothing left for us to do
The truth is very different, let me tell you of this point of view
We know the genes, but by and large we don't yet know what role they play
There's still a lot of work to do to see exactly what they say
And there's more to life than genes, for we react to our environment
So predestination doesn't come just from the genome's government
We're still free souls to choose, and our choice would be quite comical
If we did nothing more now that we've cracked the code genomical