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Posted By: An Buachaill Caol Dubh
27-Nov-08 - 02:30 PM
Thread Name: Originality of song choice
Subject: RE: Originality of song choice
A really good question, one which I've considered for many years. In addition to the options provided by Faye, I'd think it also depends on how long a "slot" is, or how many songs are to be performed, or even if it's a festival lasting a number of days (during which numerous performers would be called upon to sing just one song on each occasion). In that case, with which I'm most familiar, what I would do/what I've done during the several days would be to include a couple of known, but not overly familiar (I'll not state "hackneyed") ones, and at least one unfamiliar one which I've discovered in old books or even recordings and which I think a good piece of work. If requested, I'd do material which is known to be my own, too. To some extent, it would depend on the style of the festival; if there's a Fear a Tigh or Ban a Tigh calling the singers, he or she might request a particular piece. If there be no such request, then I'd try to choose a piece that made a good follow-on to those most immediately sung. Thus, for example, if the last four or five songs were "local" songs (whether very familiar, or less so), then I'd follow with a similar song; if the last few songs were humorous, then I'd try a funny one; if patriotic, then patriotic, and so on. Of course, when you don't know when your turn is to be, that's when the fun begins; you might be prepared to sing a particular piece only for it to be sung by someone else, in which case you decide on an alternative, or someone might change the mood by singing a song of a quite different type, and then if you're called you can either follow that new tack or return to the type of song established before the most recent change. In other words, go with the flow.