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Posted By: Ron Davies
30-Nov-08 - 09:59 PM
Thread Name: Origins: Lili Marleen
Subject: Origins: Lili Marleen
This appears to be the spelling of the song in German.

Just wanted to note there is a fascinating new book out on the song, with considerable detail on the poet ( Hans Leip), the writer of the melody under which the song became famous (Norbert Schultze) and the singer of the most famous version ( Lale Andersen). Lale Andersen was born Elizabeth Bunnenberg (book says Bunterberg), then became Liselotte Wilke (married name) then took the name Lale Andersen.

Destroys some persistent myths, like the one that Lale Andersen was Danish or Norwegian--and is just a riveting story, with an amazing cast of characters. And of course, the story is all the better for being true.

Book is by Liel Leibovitz and Matthew Miller and called: Lili Marlene: The Soldiers' Song of World War II.