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Posted By: George Papavgeris
01-Dec-08 - 05:25 AM
Thread Name: Bedworth (UK) Folk Festival 2008
Subject: RE: Bedworth (UK) Folk Festival 2008
My already knackered back got progressively worse over the weekend, to the point where I had to cancel the Sunday night appearance and head for home with my back counting all the bumps between Bedworth and Chesham. I averaged 35 mph on a trip that I normally do at 60mph average even in traffic. Muscles screaming, early to bed - thankfully I am a lot better this morning, though far from brilliant.

But all of that did not detract from a wonderful BFF once more. Nice to see all the good friends again, to get the cuddles from Jill and Gill, from Rhiannon, Les (he's been to Greece, we understand each other) and Duncan (OK, so we're an item)... Surprise of the weekend: the guy at the front in the Civic Lounge on Friday night, shouting "It's the 1st November on Monday" after each song (but he came and thanked me afterwards!). Also got to enjoy Patti and Ned for a full set, for once - great! Very good understated performance, lovely material, Patti might as well be nicknamed after her excellent concertina playing as for the spoons, and Ned's guitar work so well interwoven that you could miss it unless you looked out for it (as I was). And it was great fun to sing with Tina, of course, what a voice!

I also enjoyed the pleasant surprise and enjoyment on Vanessa's face (and Kitty's, and others') at discovering Barrie and Ingrid Temple - I'd heard them before and knew what to expect, so I just smiled smugly at Nessie as if to say "told you so". Aren't they a breath of fresh air for the South, though! There's something about songs from the North East that I find irresistible, and Barrie and Ingrid have to be among the top performers of such material. I realised that Ingrid might well be Mary Humphreys' long lost sister - they both have an infectious smile when they sing, and I find myself with a silly grin on my face after each number! Wonderful, just wonderful.

And to hear Jez singing "Aloysius" and "Vikings", two of my favourite songs of his, and Les Sullivan belting out his gems (another case of me looking smug and "toldyouso"), and to join in the Woodshed Boys with Duncan and to drown in the volume of JJG (Jim-Johnny-Graeme), and the harmonies of GU4 and Penny Royal...

But for me the best moment was Malc's face on Sunday afternoon, when I cried off the lst appearance because of my back. The kindness in his face and the tone of his voice as he told me not to be silly and go home made me bleed.

Malc, you put on one hell of a festival.
But I think you're also one hell of a guy.