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Posted By: Rick Fielding
02-Jul-00 - 09:02 AM
Thread Name: Rick's Old Lowden Rocks
Subject: RE: Rick's Old Lowden Rocks
I'm told that (once again because of Gibson copyright restrictions) the few that were made may have had different labels in different countries. Mine (Willie's) didn't appear to have any name..just a serial number. T'was the guy who sold it to me from Boddington's music, who told me about it's Lowden origins...but that name didn't mean anything to me at all back then. I have seen a Flambeau (which was a lovely guitar) at Encore Music. Looked about 15 years old (early to mid 80s)

As I told Willie, the "flat bridge", although great for sound was glued back three or four times. Finally I had my guitar Guru Bruce Dowd make a replica (but of denser rosewood). Doubt if it will need any glueing for a few years. 'Course I was using those heavy strings, so as I said, the guitar will appreciate the lesser tension of lights.

The guy who really liked it was Archie Fisher. He was playing an old Gibson J-50, and seemed to really appreciate the Lowden's shape, but with all that extra sound.

Now as some of you know, I had the neck on my Martin 0-18 shaved down, and when Bruce gets some time I'm going to get him to do the same thing on my Herringbone D-35. I've just gotten used to the Lowden's thin neck, and even if it's heresy, I want to recreate that on my Martins.