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Posted By: Big Al Whittle
01-Dec-08 - 09:38 PM
Thread Name: Big Al Whittle - current gig info (PermaThread)
Subject: RE: Big Al Whittle - current gig info (PermaThread)
Just a note to let folks know how things is going.

Last month I had a funny sort of month, Rock and Reel finally got round to reviewing my album of 2005 St Peter and John Dillinger (page 91 - just slip in WH Smiths and read it - no need to buy it - theough I did from sheer vanity!)- it got 4 four stars. Not as many as Randy Newman, but more than Rose Kemp. Still I've spent a fortune on her parents cds for Christmas presents!and dvds!

shame of shame! Johnny Depp is making a film called Public Enemies, he's playing Dillinger natch! Although after the job Brad Pitt did on Jesse James (Dillinger's hero), I thought Brad would be a more natural choice also Brad is pudgy like Dillinger, Johnny Depp is willowy . I would love the title track played over the end credits. But those Hollywood pezzo novante dont answer my e-mails - oh! to have Don Corleone as a Godfather! ( make 'im an offer, he CAN'Ta refusea...)

I finally got my Variax guitar sorted out. I can now access Dminor tuning/ DADGAD/ Dmajor/ G (Spanish tuning)/ E tuning and famousflower of Serving men tuning - all at the push of a button!

Its taken four years to sort out. The revelation came when I found out that Line 6 just market the stuff - they don't actually know how it works!

Well anyway!its a good job! cos I'm looking for gigs. In fact I've got a website doing just that.

All this BNP activity has made me realise - we've got to resist it. And if no one else won't - I will. I intend to have a new song ready for battle soon! No bleeding metaphors - just get in there and trounce the scoundrels!

Now then Merry Christmas to all my friends!

i haver written a simple christmas song on my new myspace page. DADFAD tuning!

Many thanks to Tony Dean for letting me know abit about Myspace and setting up the site!