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Posted By: JedMarum
02-Jul-00 - 09:51 AM
Thread Name: Bit the bullet & put pick up in banjo
Subject: RE: Bit the bullet & put pick up in banjo
Following the first weekend of use, I have mixed results to report. The pick up worked out fine, in general and I got used to to it surprisingly quickly. I did find that the pre-amp (the Fishman Pro EQ) did not help me much; in fact I went straight into the mixer with the unboosted signal, and used the EQ on the channel - I found that worked pretty well. I got excellent sound. I had to cut the lows, and low mids quite a bit, to remove some of the low end ring, but the resulting sound was great. I had been concerned that the difference between picking (bare nailed) and brushing would be dramatic, but it worked out just fine. I do need to find a preamp, though. I had boosted the input at the mixer considerably, and was on the verge of a a feedback ring, from time to time. A warmer signal to the deck will help eliminate this problem.

By the way; I am not giving up on that Fishman preamp/DI. It worked wonders for the fiddle! So our fiddle player got an unexpected lift to her sound!

I am sure it'll take some time to sort out the finer points of working with a pick up, but I am very pleased with the results of this frst weekend, and look forward to learning more.

I'll report back to this thread as I learn, if their's interest in the subject.