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Thread Name: Penguin: Young Edwin In The Lowlands Low
From the Penguin Book Of English Folk Songs, Ed Pellow's rendition of the tune of Young Edwin In The Lowlands Low can be found here.


Come all you wild young people, and listen to my song,
While I will unfold concerning gold, that guides so many wrong.
Young Emma was a servant maid and loved a sailor bold.
He ploughed the main, much gold to gain for his love, as we've been told.

He ploughed the main for seven years and then he returned home.
As soon as he set foot on shore, unto his love did go.
He went unto young Emma's house, his gold all for to show,
That he had gained upon the main, all in the Lowlands low.

'My father keeps a public house down by the side of the sea,
And you go there and stay the night, and there you wait for me.
I'll meet you in the morning, but don't let my parents know
Your name it is Young Edwin that ploughed the Lowlands low.'

Young Edwin he sat drinking till time to go to bed.
He little thought a sword that night would part his body and head,
And Edwin he got into bed and scarcely was asleep,
When Emily's cruel parents soft into his room did creep.

They stabbed him, dragged him out of bed, and to the sea did go.
They sent his body floating down to the Lowlands low.
As Emily she lay sleeping, she had a dreadful dream;
She dreamed she saw Young Edwin's blood a-flowing like the stream.

'Oh father, where's the stranger come here last night to lay?'
'Oh, he is dead, no tales can tell,' her father he did say.
'Then father, cruel father, you'll die a public show,
For the murdering of Young Edwin that ploughed the Lowlands low.

'The fishes of the ocean swim o'er my lover's breast.
His body rolls in motion, I hope his soul's at rest.
The shells along the seashore that are rolling to and fro
Remind me of my Edwin that ploughed the Lowlands low.'

So many a day she passed away and tried to case her mind,
And Emma, broken-hearted, was to Bedlam forced to go.
Crying: 'Oh, my friends, my love is gone, and I am left behind.'
Her shrieks were for Young Edwin that ploughed the Lowlands low.

Sung by Mrs Hopkins, Axford, Basingstoke, Hants. (C.G. and R.V.W. 1907)

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