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Posted By: Cluin
02-Dec-08 - 01:25 PM
Thread Name: Acoustic Guitar Pickup
Subject: RE: Acoustic Guitar Pickup
"I'd be interested in any future comments that address the problem of plugging in without drastically changing the mellow sound of a high-quality wooden box."

That IS the Holy Grail of amplified acoustic-electrics, PoppaGator. We all want to be able to produce that beautiful acoustic sound we're used to in our homes, only louder... as loud as we can get for the situation. Trouble is, there is no one solution. Every guitar is different.

The best alternative is to play infront of a condenser mic. But that presents problems, especially feedback and positioning concerns. And it doesn't always work. When it does though, you can't beat it.

Best plugged-in acoustic guitar I ever heard was a Martin played by Ian Tamblyn. I asked him how he got that sound. He used a hypercardioid mic mounted on the inside back of the guitar. Said he learned about it from Neil Young.