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Posted By: Nick
02-Dec-08 - 01:26 PM
Thread Name: Acoustic Guitar Pickup
Subject: RE: Acoustic Guitar Pickup
I have a Fishman Neo-D (cheaper than the Rare Earth) which sounds OK but I can't say I really like the sound of acoustics with pickups generally. But it sounds a bit like an acoustic guitar in the clip further down this. Richard's heard this before I know and didn't go 'ohmigod that guitar sounds like shoite' - but he might just have been being polite :)

It makes a noise a bit like this: Tune : and that's plugged straight into the PA. It needs a pretty high setting on the amp so I presume it could really do with some sort of preamp (suggestions?); guy I play with has a Martin with nice onboard electrics which sounds good.

When I saw John Etheridge play recently with Sweet Chorus his guitar seemed to be an interesting combination and had a nice sound. I think it had a combination of onboard electrics and a mic (which looked a bit like one of those ones that people clip to their tie) which was attached to the soundboard of the guitar a distance from the soundhole. The sound was good.

Dougie Maclean I recall from his website did something a little similar and on his live album I think the guitar sounds good.