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Posted By: dwditty
02-Dec-08 - 05:15 PM
Thread Name: Acoustic Guitar Pickup
Subject: RE: Acoustic Guitar Pickup
I have used the Fishman Rare - both the one with the internal condesor mic and with out. Excellent sound in the studio, but not particularly well suited for live performance, as you often need to cut the mic off to prevent feedback. I started using the LR Baggs M1 Active for live gigs, and it is great. I almost always get compliments from the sound guys. The volume control comes in very handy, particularly when playing with others. The Rare Earth and the Baggs run about $250 US I think.

I would avoid the Dean Markley Woody - it makes the guitar louder, which can serve a purpose - particularly at a very low price, but it really changes the sound completely.