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Posted By: Q (Frank Staplin)
02-Dec-08 - 09:24 PM
Thread Name: Origins: Lili Marleen
Subject: RE: Origins: Lili Marleen
Katja Behling, "Martha Freud, a Biography," has interesting remarks about Leip and a woman named Lilly Marlé.
The old story about the two girl friends, Lili and Marleen, may have been a tale to keep quiet the real identity of "'Lili'.
Anton Freud had a cousin named Lilly Marlé, who said that she was the woman in the poem. Before her marriage to Marlé in 1918, Lilly and Leip had been friends.
"Lilly had always maintained that she was Lili Marleen, but people only started to believe her once Hans Leip (1893-1983) himself conceded that he had known Lilly Marlé 'well'. If events really were as...(to p. 149)"
This on p. 148, but the google 'preview' omits page 149, leaving the story up in the air.
Someone please buy or borrow the book and finish the story here.

(Martha Freud was the wife of the famous Sigmund, married to him for 50 years)