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02-Jul-00 - 04:02 PM
Thread Name: ADD: Fit for Heroes (Les Barker, Martin Carthy)
Subject: Lyr Add: FIT FOR HEROES (Les Barker/Martin Carthy)
Les Barker/Martin Carthy

1. They died in their millions, young men of the Somme.
And with them died their dreams for the world that they'd come from.
A dream for basic freedoms, and for that they gave their lives,
Now all that's left are widows wondering when it all arrives.

REFRAIN: Here's your home fit for heroes, here's your brand-new dawn,
If you make it through the winter, if you wrap up warm.

2. Heat and light and comfort, security and health,
All will be provided if you pay for it yourself.
It's a warm and a caring country if your purse is always full;
If the war left you a widow, better buy yourself some wool.

3. Your husband died for freedom, a fine and worthy cause.
He may have paid for our today, but we won't pay for yours.
If you're old and ailing, plan your ailments in advance;
If you can't afford'em, then you haven't got a chance..

4. Where are your share options and your directorships?
If you're not on the gravy train then you have had your chips.
Nothing in your pocket, and nothing in your purse,
You could sell the family jewels if we hadn't sold them first.

5. It's just your misfortune that your husband can't provide.
He might have made a living if he hadn't gone and died.
So knit yourself some mittens, and knit yourself some socks,
And save up for your funeral, 'cause we won't buy the box!