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Posted By: Sleepy Rosie
04-Dec-08 - 05:14 AM
Thread Name: Form 696 - Anti music legislation
Subject: RE: Form 696 - Anti music legislation
"I could write a massive rant about civil rights and the long arm of bureacracy using the front of "crime/disorder/terror" to erode our rights to assembly and freedom of expression (which I have always interpreted as meaning musical and other cultural expressions of identity) . But I am knackered and need to go to bed.

Love the idea of a protest wassail though!"

Foggers, you should write that rant.

I wish someone decently clued up on the matter would. So much legislation that has been brought in for our protection, gets abused and ends up being used against us, that I find the broader potential implications of this legislation very unsettling. I don't know if Liberty have commented on it yet. But I'd like to hear something from them. The government are still desperately trying to shove ID cards up our arses via whatever excuse possible, despite mass public disinterest and increasing suspicion. The UK is fast styling itself into a classic Sci-Fi dystopia.

I hate to have to put it this way, but 'colourfully dressed, nice clean, safe, white people of a certain age', need to be seen demonstrating against this legislation, to show the average Mail reader that it isn't just the evil dangers of all those 'muslim terrorist rapper immigrants', that we are being protected from.