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Posted By: Bonnie Shaljean
05-Dec-08 - 09:31 AM
Thread Name: Popular sheet music archive
Subject: RE: Popular sheet music archive
Not sure what's happening. I went to the site on a computer with XP and AVG anti-virus (which is a genuine programme, not a Nasty) using both Firefox and IE browsers. In each case (I actually went through this procedure three times) I got the same AVG warning, but when I clicked Heal or Remove File - both of which I tried - it said Cannot Heal/Remove: File Does Not Exist. After shutting the browsers I scanned the entire machine using the most updated version of that same AVG and it found absolutely zilch. It never even burped during the scanning process, and gave the All Clear.

Unfortunately I'm not a member of MemoryLane so I can't email Jill to ask her about this - I used to be one, but that was ages ago on a different computer. When I tried to join, the link took me to a page which says that the site is down at the moment and is not accepting new registrations. It doesn't look as though existing members can even get in touch with her, though I don't know for sure. This problem certainly didn't happen a few days ago when I posted that link, or I would have said something. But the site itself has a gorgeous array of sheetmusic on offer, and has been going for some years - so don't write it off.

I am just about to PM John In Kansas to ask for his comments about this - I'm stumped. I have no idea why AVG found something and Norton didn't... ?? Or why AVG found a malfile and then said it didn't exist. But the computer seems to be unscathed. Jim, have you scanned yours? What did it tell you?