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Posted By: Harmonium Hero
08-Dec-08 - 06:30 PM
Thread Name: 2008 R2 Young Folk Award - What Happened
Subject: RE: 2008 R2 Young Folk Award - What Happened
Folknacious: I was young once; whether you care to believe it or not doesn't matter, nor does it answer the question. Oh - and I don't know what you've seen on t'internet to suggest the contrary, but I don't have a red face or bulging eyes. Perhaps your PC needs a service. And, in case my previous disclaimer sailed past one or two people, I have no objection to the music I heard on the MySpace page. But it isn't folk music, and somebody back there said they thought that Lavender Man was one of the songs performed on the show, so I went back and listened to it.
Diane: I know you've gone off in a huff (twice), and so won't see this, but I'm afraid I'm out performing on Thursday (folk dancing), but I'll try and get it on t'internet, just to be scrupulously fair. I repeat though, for those determined to misinterpret my intentions, that this is not about the undoubted talents of the young lady and her musicians; it's about the - admittedly 'alleged' at this stage -mis-use of the term 'folk'. ANd why am I getting so worked up about it? Well, because my passion, too, is for folk music, and I'm beginning to feel distinctly out of place on the British folk circuit.
John Kelly.