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Posted By: Jim Moray
10-Dec-08 - 07:15 AM
Thread Name: 2008 R2 Young Folk Award - What Happened
Subject: RE: 2008 R2 Young Folk Award - What Happened
No, this isn't about having my judgment second guessed. It's about crushing young people before they have had a chance to do anything. All I'm asking is that you reserve judgment (good or bad) till you've heard the act in question, which most people on this thread emphatically haven't - how anyone could find fault in that is beyond me. Whether it is or isn't folk is another issue but, again, how can you make that call without having heard the music?

I understand that Mudcat isn't an entity but a messageboard, but there is a nasty hive mind that seems to have developed recently towards anyone who isn't part of the gang. Reading it back, I retract the wording of my earlier post, but not the sense of unease. I wasn't intending to offend anyone, but I don't like seeing performers who are still legally children cut down simply for doing something positive.

Congratulations to all the competitors and particularly Megan and Joe. I look forward to hearing lots more of the music they all make, whatever direction it takes.