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Posted By: Phil Edwards
10-Dec-08 - 11:22 AM
Thread Name: 2008 R2 Young Folk Award - What Happened
Subject: RE: 2008 R2 Young Folk Award - What Happened
Whether it is or isn't folk is another issue

I think whether it is or isn't folk is the main issue that people here have been commenting on. I've been to the MySpace page linked above & listened to some of the music. What I heard there was tuneful, nicely arranged and well performed, with interesting lyrics and excellent vocals; if everything they do is up to that quality, Megan and Joe should go far.

But what I heard on that MySpace page wasn't folk. To put it another way, I don't know how you'd define folk so as to include that kind of music. I saw an interview with James Yorkston recently where he rejected the label of 'folk' for what he does; he said something like "I just write not-very-popular pop songs". And this is someone who cites Anne Briggs as an influence, has worked with the Watersons, and has recorded Edward, I Know My Love and High Germanie, among others. (And was supported by Jim Moray the last time I saw him, although now I come to think of it that was a while ago. I must get out more.)

Anyway - we (most of us) aren't questioning whether Megan and Joe are good enough to win an award; we're questioning whether they're folk enough to win (or even be entered for) a Folk Award.