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Posted By: Folkiedave
10-Dec-08 - 12:24 PM
Thread Name: 2008 R2 Young Folk Award - What Happened
Subject: RE: 2008 R2 Young Folk Award - What Happened
Sorry but you are so far wrong about Jack Hudson it must be embarrassing for you. Guess your opinion is based on seeing him 30 years ago………….

Not as many as that I am happy to say. And I have no reason to be embarassed whatsoever. I often say that artists are not to my taste. I can include virtually any pop, house, garage, bashment etc etc in that. I don't ever remember saying they are no good.

I'd like to see Jack's gig list on his website - except the website seem to be carefully hidden. There is no gig list on his myspace page. Where he seems to be describing himself as a country singer more than anything else. How do I find out where he is playing?

Perhaps he wants to keep his music pure!!

As for yourselves, you are clearly getting lots of paid work and have a website and a myspace so I am sure I will be able to catch your performances as soon as someone in this area books you or as soon as you find a venue to promote yourself (and Jack perhaps).

In fact if you contact Mike Steele at the Burton St. Project Sheffield he will give you a free room and his P.A. All you have to do is provide the audience. Not a folk club but it has a bar and if you want real ale he will put it on once you have convinced him you have sold sufficient tickets to make it worth his while.

I have a radio show. That reflects my personal taste too. If you want to reflect your personal taste via a radio show - many areas have a community radio station nowadays and most are desperate for people prepared to put the time and effort into doing a weekly show.

But I am away for a couple of weeks in January and unless I find someone to cover it then they will play pre-recorded stuff.

I am happy to give you a two hour slot on January 9th and you can play what you like. I will show you how it is structured and I would like you to stick to that, but otherwise the airtime is all yours. Play your own record non-stop if you like.

That date happens to be free but there will be others coming up in
the year.

So there you are a new venue for nothing and a whole two hours of radio to yourself.

Now please don't accuse me of wanting to keep folk pure again.