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Posted By: Phil Edwards
10-Dec-08 - 02:12 PM
Thread Name: 2008 R2 Young Folk Award - What Happened
Subject: RE: 2008 R2 Young Folk Award - What Happened
One more comment.


generally, yes I do think people should have the courtesy to find out about an artist and listen to them before whingeing about how they're quite sure they won't like them and they're not"f*lk" (whatever the fuck THAT means nowadays) anyway.

Jim M:

It's about crushing young people before they have had a chance to do anything. All I'm asking is that you reserve judgment (good or bad) till you've heard the act in question

Quick roundup of comments so far.

Richard Bridge: "Sounds very smoothiechops and not very folk"

Banjiman: "Even with my pretty wide interpretation of what is folk...I'm not sure that the songs on MySpace fit ? ... Lovely voice though."

Harmonium Hero: "THIS IS NOT FOLK MUSIC. Not by any definition I am aware of. ... I'm not criticising the music - It's very pleasant, and well performed - but it shouldn't qualify for a folk award."

Me: "Very nice, very competent, good easy listening. Megan H has a fine voice, which probably sounds even better with less going on behind it. But, if it's possible to say "this isn't folk", then I'm with John - this isn't folk."

Richard was posting without having heard the music, and yes, he was saying that he thought that he wouldn't like them and that they weren't folk. But what Paul, John and I have said is

a) we've listened to the music
b) it's very nice
c) it's not folk

We're not rushing to judgment without listening to the music, and we're not 'crushing' anyone. The music's well written, well performed and generally very nice; the people playing it deserve to go far.

But it's not folk.