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10-Dec-08 - 06:49 PM
Thread Name: 2008 R2 Young Folk Award - What Happened
Subject: RE: 2008 R2 Young Folk Award - What Happened
i personally don't know what classes as folk and what doesn't these days but i personally also feel that Megan and Jo ARE.

oooh bold statement.

i was lucky enough to be at both the semis and the finals and saw them first hand both times and thought they were nothing but exceptional. beautiful voice and gorgeous sax lines are a winning combination whatever genre. Megans stage craft is faultless as for jo, anyone who can play an instrument that competantly at such a young age is worthy of regonition.

as for the matter of "are they? aren't they?" i personally think they most deffinately are.

heres why.

firstly yes they have stripped down there larger band but the combination works. sax has been used in folk music for quite some time now. Bellowhead, Eliza, Folkestra, the green machine, Mike McGoldrick, Sharron Shannon (top pedigree i think) and guess what they all use sax?! so the use of sax in my mind can't be questioned. not conventional but not out of place. and i challenge anyone to defy the use of acoustic guitar as a folk instrument. if they do then they are quite clearly living with their head in some very deep sand.

secondly, for me folk music is music that tells a story that the general audience can relate to. something that creates a community feeling with a room and music that brings people together. i belive megans songs have al those qualities. her lyrics are beautiful poetic and most of all relavent! now for me beautiful lyrics that also comment on a social situation are the building blocks of any great folk song!

so i think their music if folk.

and as people have said before. regardless of whether its folk or not the festival goers will determine there popularity and i think they'll do well.
im definately going to be there.

as for the other acts i thought they were all amazing. Maz was stunning and Jaywalkers were also phenominal. Jays vocals do sound american but its rather difficult to play american music and not have a bluesy twang. you can't picture the royal family belting out bluegrass standards full voice can you? i thought she was exceptional and they were deffinately in the running for me. Tyde too, Lau take note!

rant over. feel free to comment what you will but that is my standpoint.

finally. big up Jim Moray for fighting the corner of up and coming acts and saying what he thinks. its refreshing when people can.