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Posted By: melodeonboy
10-Dec-08 - 08:45 PM
Thread Name: 2008 R2 Young Folk Award - What Happened
Subject: RE: 2008 R2 Young Folk Award - What Happened
As Greg Stephens said: "A hippopotamus is not a butterfly".

I wouldn't classify Muddy Waters' music as bluegrass, Martin Carthy's as thrash metal, Des O'Connor's as zydeco or Hank Williams' as rap. By the same token, I wouldn't classify what I heard yesterday on Mike Harding's programme, i.e. the song played by the winners of the award, as folk.

Had I not been told it was folk, it wouldn't have occured to me that it was. Had I heard it in another context, I would have assumed it was something from the world of jazz or easy listening.

When people who have been involved with folk music for years cannot recognise something as folk music (or even having its roots in folk music) but are expected to accept that it is, because the powers that be have decreed it so, it brings to mind both the constantly rewritten history described in Orwell's 1984 and the logic of the characters in Alice's Adventures in Wonderland.

Is Mike Harding the White Rabbit in disguise? I think we should be told!

(Cue: the usual ascerbic responses!)