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Posted By: Lizzie Cornish 1
12-Dec-08 - 03:01 AM
Thread Name: The Weekly Walkabout cum Talkabout
Subject: RE: The Weekly Walkabout cum Talkabout
I don't have 'religion' Don, never have had. I have faith, but one that belongs to only me, not to any category. I simply don't like the ganging up that goes on in these threads, that's all, nor the hypocrisy I see, in that some people feel they have the right to say whatever they want, and yet have the view that others don't. You can argue a point without becoming vicious. This is *not* directed at you personally, but generally, to those who've perhaps got a little carrried away in the past, that's all.

The reason I picked up on the Christianity bit was to make a point. That point being that for some strange reason Christianity has become the *one* religion that so many feel they can kick, insult and make fun of, yet if the very people *they* are belittling dared to behave in the same way about *other* religions, all 'racist' hell would, I have no doubt, break loose.

*That* was the point.