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Posted By: Ruth Archer
12-Dec-08 - 04:29 AM
Thread Name: The Weekly Walkabout cum Talkabout
Subject: RE: The Weekly Walkabout cum Talkabout
"That point being that for some strange reason Christianity has become the *one* religion that so many feel they can kick, insult and make fun of, yet if the very people *they* are belittling dared to behave in the same way about *other* religions, all 'racist' hell would, I have no doubt, break loose."

Oooh, I feel another Daily Mail headline coming on...

"Whatever your religion or belief I hope it makes you feel good and brings joy or at least adds to the meaning of your life. That's the role of religion it seems to me. My small request is that none of it be inflicted upon Ol' Spaw..............."

Loving your work there, Spaw. I'd add "that none of it be inflicted on my child, especially while she is being educated at a state-funded school," but in the UK that's a bit of a conceptual leap.