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Posted By: Paul Burke
12-Dec-08 - 09:32 AM
Thread Name: The Weekly Walkabout cum Talkabout
Subject: RE: The Weekly Walkabout cum Talkabout

- that the soul can be damaged by simple chemicals, like ethanol, and that the removal of those chemicals sometimes allows the soul to recover its previous characteristics.
- that people whose brain has been damaged mechanically can also have aspects of their intellectual ability damaged, and their behaviour sometimes completely modified.
- that electrical and mechanical impulses can induce feelings, including religious "visions".
- that no one has ever produced evidence of contact between extracorporeal spirits and humans, though many have tried and many have pretended to do so. If you can, or know someone who can, there's a million dollar reward waiting for you.

No doubt someone will say, ah but, it's the brain that gets damaged, not the soul. OK, show me a characteristic of the soul which can't be explained as a function of the brain. And living-after-death won't do, unless you can show it. And OOBEs won't do, because they can be induced in the lab. We are all to willing to be fooled at times.