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Posted By: Mick Pearce (MCP)
13-Dec-08 - 08:16 AM
Thread Name: Lyr Add: I Wish the Wars Were All Over
Subject: RE: req/ADD: I Wish the Wars Were All Over (Eriksen)
Here's the tune for the Sam Fone version (at least I assume it was his tune). According to my copy of the Roud index the Carey version was collected ca 1778. Joyce Old Irish Folk Music and Songs has a version from Limerick. There are ms versions in the Madden collection and in the John Bell ms and there is a version printed in Roy Palmer's Rambling Soldier, which has the pearly bit in the 1st line and may be the source of Liza's version. (I thought I had a copy of this, but can't find it, so I may be wrong. If anyone has a copy, they could check it against my transcription above). However the Roud index gives the 1st line of Sam Fone's version from Baring-Gould as In the meadow one morning when pearly with dew, not the same as printed in Richards and Stubbs, so they may not have printed the 1st 3 verses exactly as collected!


X: 1
T:I Wish That The Wars Were All Over
S:Richards & Stubbs: The English Folksinger: from Sam Fone, Mary Tavy, Devon; collected Baring-Gould 1893
C/C/|C C C|c > B A|G F G| E2
w:It was down in the mea-dows where vio-lets are blue.
G|F E F|(G/E/) C c|G E D|C2
w:I saw pret-ty Pol_ly a-milk-ing her cow.
G/G/|A A A|E2 G|A3/4A/4 A A|E2
w:And the song that she sang made all the grove to ring.
(E/G/)|G E G|F E D|C C (C/E/)|Hc2
w:O_ Bil-ly's gone from me to serve George the_ king.
B/A/|G (E/G/) (G/E/)|C E G|F E
w:And I wish that_ the_ wars were all o-ver,
G/F/|E2 (3(C/E/)G/|A2 F/D/|B, C||
w:Cry-ing O that_ the wars were all o-ver.