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Posted By: Genie
14-Dec-08 - 05:11 PM
Thread Name: Les Chansons de la France
Subject: D'Ou Viens-Tu, Bergère - French Christmas carol
A woman at a retirement home where I was doing some music yesterday asked me if I knew the French Christmas carol "D'où Viens-Tu, Bergère" (Where Are You Coming From, Shepherdess?). She sang a little of it but could not recall all of it. I was able to find the lyrics on line.

"D'Où Viens-Tu, Bergère"
traditional French Christmas carol
I don't know of any equivalent English version of this Christmas carol. This translation given here is literal, not "singable."
"D'où viens-tu, bergère,
D'où viens-tu ?
D'où viens-tu, bergère,
D'où viens-tu ?"
"Je viens de l'étable
De m'y promener.
J'ai vu un miracle
Ce soir arrivé.
"Where are you coming from, shepherdess
Where are you coming from?
Where are you coming from, shepherdess
Where are you coming from?"
"I'm coming from the stable,
From walking around there.
I saw a miracle happen this evening."

"Qu'as-tu vu, bergère,
Qu'as-tu vu?
Qu'as-tu vu, bergère,
Qu'as-tu vu?"
"J'ai vu dans la crèche
Un petit enfant
Sur la paille fraîche
Mis bien tendrement."
"What did you see, shepherdess,
What did you see?
What did you see, shepherdess,
What did you see?"
"I saw in the manger
A small child
Placed very tenderly
On the fresh straw."

"Est-il beau, bergère,
Est-il beau?
Est-il beau, bergère,
Est-il beau?"
"Plus beau que la lune,
Aussi le soleil.
Jamais la nature
N'a vu son pareil."
"Is he beautiful, shepherdess,
Is he beautiful?
Is he beautiful, shepherdess,
Is he beautiful?"
"More beautiful than the moon
As well as the sun.
Never has nature
Seen his equal."

"Rien de plus, bergère,
Rien de plus?
Rien de plus, bergère
Rien de plus?"
"Y a le boeuf et l'âne
Qui sont par devant
Avec leur haleine
Réchauffent l'enfant."
"Nothing else, shepherdess,
Nothing else?
Nothing else, shepherdess,
Nothing else?"
"The ox and donkey
Are in front
With their breath
Warming up the child."

"Allons-y, bergère, allons-y!
Allons-y, bergère, allons-y!
Portons-lui des langes
Aussi des drapeaux
Et pour sa couchette
Un petit berceau."
"Let's go, shepherdess, let's go!
Let's go, shepherdess, let's go!
Let's take him some swaddling clothes
And some blankets
And for his bed
A little crib."