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Posted By: Monique
16-Dec-08 - 04:52 AM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: Papa Noel & Petit Papa Noel
Subject: RE: Lyr Req: Papa Noel
Genie, if you check the lyrics that Sorcha posted above, you'll find out that they're the same as the ones you posted but all the accented letters came out wrong and were remplaced by a double "a".

Mrs Duck, it pretty seems that the verse you mention is based on "Petit Papa Noël" (lyrics: Raymond Vinci, music: Henri Martinet - 1946- First sung by Tino Rossi) and since the song was created as posted above by Genie the two lines were an invention of the teacher's or someone else's. Btw, it must be "Remplis tous nos sabots de tous les jolis cadeaux" (literally: Fill all our clogs with all the pretty gifts), it can't be "Remplis toi nos sabots": if it were "Remplis, toi, nos sabots", it'd literally mean "Fill, you, our clogs" but it can't be said this way in French, and if it were "Remplis-toi nos sabots" it makes no sense since "remplis-toi" means "fill yourself" in the same way you say "help yourself a glass of wine".