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Posted By: Ed T
16-Dec-08 - 01:08 PM
Thread Name: BS: How good/bad is your car?
Subject: RE: BS: How good/bad is your car?
1999 Toyota Solara, an excellent car all around...150 k
1999 Subaru Legacy, same as above...226 k, (like a snow mobile in snow)
2002 Acura (Honda) RSX, (130 k)m good, but not up to the standards of those above.

I gave my daughter my 1990 Toyota Celica in 2000, with 150k on it. Mechanically it is still fine at 236k....and was driven every winter on salty roads since 90.

My neighbour has a 1994 Toyota Celica with 590 K on it, did only regular maintaince on it... and it still works and looks fine.

Caution, Japanese cars can be good, but you have to rust proof them every year....unless you live in really warm/dry environments.