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Posted By: kendall
16-Dec-08 - 01:51 PM
Thread Name: BS: How good/bad is your car?
Subject: RE: BS: How good/bad is your car?
I've had everything from a 1928 Dodge to a couple of Cadillacs and even two Mercedes Benz. Right now we are driving a 2001 Hyundai, and I have to say I find no fault with this car. 32 mpg, snappy, and well worth the price which is much lower than a Toyota.

We also have a 1997 Chevrolet pick up that is like driving my recliner. Only one serious problem so far; the fuel pump. It's inside the tank and when it went to hell it cost me $700.00 to fix.

I'm hoping that Detroit will be forced to learn how to build quality cars as they did way back when.This antique Chevy we have is a good example of what they used to build. Solid and comfortable.