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Posted By: GUEST,Tom Bliss
16-Dec-08 - 02:22 PM
Thread Name: The Recession and Folk Clubs.
Subject: RE: The Recession and Folk Clubs.
That ladder is essential, Paul - and the fact that we're about to loose the middle section of it worries me considerably.

I don't think doubling the prices is feasible anyway. I've known the old saw about doubling your fees when you're short of work since I was counselling newly-freelance crew when YTV first started chucking them out. But it doesn't work in the folk world (I did try it)!

No - we can't look for a revolutionary approach. A very gradual evolution might be possible, though, and towards that end it's healthy if everyone, guests, bookers and punters thinks about the value/standard equation constructively over a long period.

Changing all the Guest Clubs into concert clubs (if we could, which we can't) would be as disastrous as having them all change into Singaround Clubs (which may be going to happen).

The Guest Club model lies at the very heart of the folk world. Both the other type of clubs are important too, but eventually they could (will?) ossify without the engine that keeps the pro/am /am / pro effect churning.