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Posted By: evansakes
17-Dec-08 - 06:56 AM
Thread Name: The Recession and Folk Clubs.
Subject: RE: The Recession and Folk Clubs.
"How do you know what each club does as a fixed fee? I certainly don't discuss that as an organiser, but I can assure you that the main guest gets a good guarantee or 80% of the door.
I think £8 is reasonable"

Depends who the guest is....for some £8.00 would represent great value for money. Others it would be about right and for plenty of others it would be complete daylight robbery.

The idea of a fixed fee is bad enough (assuming there's no facility built in for a percentage based on door receipts).

But the idea of fixed price admission (regardless of the guest's status) is even more insane to me. Do you go to the supermarket and expect to see Bells whiskey at the same price as Johnny Walker Black Label or 50 year old malt?

As someone said above (spleen cringe?) people will happily pay a decent whack to see proven quality.